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805 Columbia Ridge Dr
Vancouver, WA, 98664
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The Story

After 14 years of doing youth ministry I couldn't shake the feeling that  I was doing a great job at a model that only seemed to work...okay. After remodeling my home with the help of a few of my fringe kids from the church I was serving in I began to think about what it would look like to do youth ministry through the medium of teen employment.

     I began to construct a small business that could employ teenagers in the area of lawn care and teach them Christian discipleship and lessons about life and work along the way. What I discovered was that social entrepreneurship offered new ways of thinking, doing, and paying for youth ministry.

     It is for this reason that I created this space. I want to be able to help invite youth workers around the United States learn to start entrepreneurial ventures, coach them in that process, and create a place for them to come to share and collaborate. May we bless each other as we move youth ministry into new waters!